Argentina wine country: Private tours, luxury stays and incredible experiences in South America

Argentina wine country is largely clustered along the western strip with most wine produced on the foothills of the Andes amidst stunning mountainous landscapes scattered with vineyard oases.

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At first glance the high and dry climate starved of rainfall may not seem hospitable for growing life. But, since early Spanish settlers planted the first vineyards in the 16th century, wine making has flourished and Argentina is now the world’s fifth largest producer.

This is a consequence of an almost ‘perfect storm’ of natural circumstances – high altitudes, meltwater irrigation, solar radiation and differences in diurnal temperatures – that have combined to create premium wines, placing Argentina wine country firmly on the international map.

At Wine Paths, our local experts can design exclusive private tours of wine country Argentina, including elaborate tastings, luxury accommodations and unique experiences that can be tailor-made to meet your exact needs.

Wine country in Argentina is typically associated with Mendoza, settled high in the foothills of the Andes and famed for its Malbec. This Bordeaux grape has perfectly adapted to the environment to become internationally renowned for producing bright and intense red wines with floral notes and dark fruit flavours.

There are many ways to explore this quintessential wine region – although riding through breathtaking landscapes on two wheels is arguably the most fun and active. Our biking adventure in Mendoza takes you through boutique and premium wineries accompanied by a professional guide to talk you through tastings of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz paired with a traditional lunch.

Another must-travel Argentina wine country destination is the Salta region where vineyards share the skies with clouds. The district of Cafayate is the premier producer of Torrontes; the only white grape unique to Argentina and its crisp, aromatic characteristics offer the ultimate refreshment in the dry heat.

You can scale the world’s highest vineyards (some reach over 3,000 metres above sea level) where the oldest working vineyard in Argentina resides as part of our exclusive private tour of Cafayate, which can be accompanied by a bespoke local cuisine experience including asado, empanades and tamales.

San Juan is the second largest region of wine country in Argentina and was originally dedicated to producing low quality yields – Criolla and Cereza – that were sold for grape concentrate or boxed-wines. Recent investment, however, has transformed the area – with the Tullum and Pedernal Valleys, in particular, winning praise for their Shiraz and Malbec varieties.

Argentina wine country in Patagonia, a land more famed for fossil discoveries than vineyards, features the world’s southernmost and newest vineyards. The region’s proximity to the Atlantic Ocean brings cool winds that favours European style wines – with the Neuquen region producing some highly-acclaimed Pinot Noirs.

Intrepid wine travellers can venture south and experience the natural beauty and untamed wilderness of Patagonia by land and water. Our tour of the Aysen region allows visitors to spend over a week hiking, rafting and cruising through Chile.

Attractions on the incredible experience include Condor bird watching, trekking through beautiful national parks, watching glaciers from a speedboat, rafting white water rapids and exploring caves.

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