Wine tasting in Provence: our guide

Provence is the oldest wine producing region in France and has been making wines for over 2500 years. Sprawled along the Mediterranean coast it lies in between the Rhone River on one side, and the Cote d’Azur on the other.

Provence wine tasting isn’t just about Rosé

When we think about the region of Provence, there are a few things that come to mind right away: sunny days, lavender fields, olive trees and of course, lots of wine, especially rosé! But when you take part in a wine tasting in Provence, don’t be surprised if it is not just rosé you are served: the region also produces white and red appellations.

However, the undisputed star is rosé, the quintessential French summer drink: with an average of 141 million bottles of AOC Rosé produced each year, Provence is the leading region in France for “pink” wines. A third of the wine production in Provence is red while a small proportion is white and is mainly produced in the appellation of Cassis, where you can taste it on an exclusive wine tour. You can also try these refreshing wines on a private jet wine tour in Corsica in the region of Provence.

What is a Provence Rosé?

During a wine tasting in Provence, one myth is quickly debunked: Provence rosé is not a blend of white and red wine as some people seem to think.

In fact, rosé wines are red wines with a very short maceration period: the must is in contact with the skins of the grapes for a reduced amount of time, not enough for it to take much of the tannins or colors on those skins; hence the resulting colors, ranging from pale pink to deeper shades of salmon or coral, hallmark of French rosés.

With so much to learn about and enjoy, the best way to make the most of a trip to Provence is to plan a customized Provence wine tour: research ahead, select the activities that best suit your interests and book in advance to avoid disappointing surprises on the day of your visit.

If you prefer to leave the organization in the knowledgeable hands of an expert, contact a local travel expert to get their help planning the bespoke wine holiday of a lifetime!


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