Luxury barrel tasting in Mendoza, Argentina

The essence of life concentrated in a cask

The wines that are born in a barrel, have a more harmonious and stable
structure thanks to polyphenols. Tasting them from when they are conceived
brings us closer to the vision, the effort and the passion of these iconic wines.

Theme : Visits & Tastings Duration : From 1 to 3 hours Groups : Yes

Perfectionism and an unwavering quest for the best are everywhere at Clos de los Siete: the fruit is harvested manually, exclusively from the Clos (also called 'Estate Wine'), then transported in wooden trays and screened on a sorting table. Only the best grapes make it through to the cellar. French oak casks are used to coax the new-born wines into perfection.

The peace of the barrel cellar is only disturbed when we enter it to sip its secrets with every glass. The atmospheric conditions of the barrel room are carefully monitored; they will transport you to an emotional place and prepare you for an experience like no other...

Listen carefully to the winemaker. Special anecdotes will be shared, reflecting the character of these wines and the secrets to amazing winemaking.


  • Discover the quiet magic of the barrel room
  • Learn how winemaking is exalted by oak barrels
  • Taste the wines directly from the barrel to the glass

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