Unique Dining Experiences at Espacio Trapiche in Mendoza, Argentina

A few steps from the winery you can keep enjoying our wines through an extraordinary food and wine experience in Espacio Trapiche, our winery restaurant. Our food is inspired in our wines and the beautiful terroirs where they come from. We invite you to jump in, and boost all your positive emotions.

Type of restaurant : FINE DINING Type of cuisine : Modern Number of seats : 80 Closed on : Dec 24 & Dec 31

True to Trapiche's essence and soul, we seek to evoke feelings that trascend time and space - feelings that will lead you to a sense of togetherness with yourself and others. A space where time stands still, where you can find your balance and boost all of your positive emotions.

Joy and happines can be experienced the minute our senses evoke them. They do so in sort of circular motion, just as the cycles in nature succeed one another, always the same, and yet always new.

Espacio Trapiche welcomes you to a different time and space, connected to the earth, its cycles, and a balanced ecosystem teeming with our biodiversity, where you will enjoy our chef's delicious recipes specially created to be paired with the extraordinary diversity of Trapiche's premium wines. Local flavors paired with our fragrant wines, all of them from grapes grown and harvested from our most selected terroirs.

We believe the word that best describes our respect for the nurturing environment around us is "balance": the lower the impact, the greater the care. That is why our cuisine is based on a "zero-kilometer" concept, which means we work towards reducing, even to the fullest, the distance between the source of our natural goods and our kitchen. Potatoes, tomatoes, olives, fresh vegetables in season are either harvested in our own green garden or purchased from local market gardens less than 62 miles away, to guarantee fresh local quality products all year round.

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Key features

  • Sommelier on-site
  • Local wines available
  • Fine wines available
  • Wine by the glass available
  • Gluten free menu available
  • Vegetarian menu available
  • Wine pairing available
  • Kids menu available
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