Exclusive wine tour at Château Beychevelle in Bordeaux, France

An invitation to a dream between tradition and modernity

Come and discover the 300 years of history of Château Beychevelle. Starting in the Middle Ages, its history is being conjugated in the present tense with the building of a brand new winery in 2016.

Theme : Visits & Tastings Duration : From 1 to 3 hours Groups : Yes

Château Beychevelle

Château Beychevelle is a prestigious Cru Classé whose character has been forged by three centuries of history... Under Henri III, Beychevelle was the fief of the Dukes of Epernon, particularly the first of them, Jean-Louis Nogaret de la Valette. This Grand Amiral was powerful; according to legend, the boats that passed before his château had to lower their sails, as a sign of allegiance. Hence the name "Beychevelle" (Baisse-Voile which is French for "lower your sails", and the emblem of the château, the ship with a prow in the shape of a griffin, guarding Dionysos's cellar in Greek mythology.

Beychevelle’s reputation and extraordinary beauty would not be what they are today without the help of remarkable men and women who have marked its history, developing its decorative style, its aura of hospitality and its beautiful gardens.

Château Beychevelle has never ceased to amaze visitors, both in terms of its vineyard and the exceptional setting. Its history is now being conjugated in the present tense with the building of a modern new winery at the service of the great terroirs of Château Beychevelle.


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