This exhibition, conceived as a testimony, was inspired by the will to illustrate the great historical facts that occurred in Champagne and to tell the less known events which enable it to victoriously overcome those conflicts.

Theme : Visits & Tastings Duration : From 1 to 3 hours Groups : Yes

The Cité du Champagne offers an interdisciplinary perspective on the global conflicts which hurt the Marne, with a special focus on the town of Aÿ and Epernay.

The exhibition focuses on 4 themes dealing each with both world wars:

- Wars and the Marne: an exhibition about military achievements and the Great battles of the Marne.

- Women, vineyards and Champagne: a tribute to women, to their important role in the vineyards, alongside the soldiers and in daily life.

- Worldwide soldiers: along with French soldiers, these fighters enhance the extent of the conflict.

- Peace and Victory: following destructions and occupation, the region arises and starts its reconstruction.

The tour ends with one or several tasting(s) of Champagne Collet.

Semi-guided tour - Approximate duration : 45min


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