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The wine region of Montepulciano lies around a the small commune in the southern part of Tuscany. It is a major producer of wine and food with many specialties like honey, lentils, pasta, ham and of course the Montepulciano grape variety.  Always hungry for sunshine, Montepulciano is one of the most important grape varieties in Italy. The wines made from this variety can be indifferently consumed in their youth or in their maturity.

This is a very old variety, which has nothing to do with Vino nobile di Montepulciano (made from Sangiovese). It thrives in central Italy and it is especially prevalent in Abruzzo, where it gives a wine of international notoriety: the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo. In the Marche region, Rosso Conero and Rosso Piceno are both raised in Montepulciano grape varieties. The Montepulciano grape gives dark wines, full in the mouth and very concentrated. Appreciated world-wide for their subtle yet strong flavors, deep color and gentle tannins. Montepulciano wines are typically best consumed while they are young and pair exceptionally well with food. The deep purple juice of Montepulciano grapes is used in varying proportions to produce wines under roughly 50 of Italy's DOC and DOCG titles. Although sometimes used on its own, it also responds well to blending with other varieties, most successfully Sangiovese – its close relative and Italy's most widely planted grape variety. 

The wineries in Montepulciano offer you a sneak peek into the process of producing these elegant, deep wines. You can indulge in guided wine tasting and food pairing sessions on one of your winery visits in Montepulciano. You may also sign up for an exclusive wine cellar visit and vineyard tour to completely understand the production process of these wines from the berry to the bottle. Enjoy the local cuisine of the area with specialized gourmet meals or picnic lunches in these stunning vineyards.

The opportunities are endless when planning to visit the best wineries in Montepulciano. But tasting delicious wines and taking in stunning views of the wine region is for certain. So, contact our local travel expert and book yourself a bespoke winery visit in Montepulciano!

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