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The wine region of Veneto is known for its peculiar landscape and incredible variety of wines that it produces. It is the biggest DOC in the entire country. It is one of a group of three highly productive Italian regions known collectively as the Tre Venezie, which is a large area comprised today of the Italian regions of Friuli Venezia-Giulia, Alto Adige and Trentino. The marshy lagoons of the area and the cool climates make for a superb combination that helps produce some delicious wines. 

There are three distinct wine regions in this complicated and large wine region in this country. The first being Luguna DOC which specifically produces white wines. These white wines are peachy floral and fresh and you can taste these distinct wines on your exclusive visit to the wineries in this regions. Some of the best wineries in Veneto transcend towards the Bardolino DOC that specilaizes entirey in red, sultry wines made with the local grapes like Corvina. Towards the east we find some of the most exclusive wineries in Veneto in the Soave region. This region is famous for the widely acclaimed Valpolicella wines. Along with these reds, you can also indulge in wine tasting of other white and sparkling wines produced in the region on your luxurious winery visits.

The best wineries in Veneto offer some incredible wine tasting and pairing sessions which will be entirely guided by an expert. You may also get to visit the wine cellars and vineyards of these incredible wineries and learn about the wine making secrets of the region. The wineries in Veneto can help arrange for exclusive food pairing sessions or even gourmet meals in their vineyards to help you get acquainted with the delicious gastronomy of the region.

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