Luxury Accommodation in Canterbury, New Zealand

Discover this fascinating region with its private and secluded luxury villas nestled in the vineyards, yet in proximity to the marine life of New Zealand.

Canterbury - Vineyards by the Bay

Though viticulture is an old tradition, the emergence of family run boutique wineries in recent times has led to opening of many accommodations and restaurants with Canterbury also gaining reputation for its food scene.

Many of these upscale hotels and accommodations are perfectly located and the private villas at Annandale, a cattle coast farm et along the scenic Banks Peninsula, is just one of many authentic offerings in the area.

Embraced by vineyards and hills, these different accommodations propose numerous indoor and outdoor activities from nature cruises, to farm tours or winery excursions in a helicopter.

Canterbury is relatively a new wine region, though Chardonnay dominates the plantation, the region is appreciated for its quality of Riesling and Pinot Noir. Boutique wineries and vineyards are in the vicinity of the city of Christchurch with the region of Waipara Valley attaining global reputation for its wines.

Our local travel expert can assist in booking your accommodation as part of a comprehensive tour program or you can select from the options below.

Accommodation Suggestions in Canterbury

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