Fresh air, wineries, vineyards and a quiet river...

Exclusive wine experience in Carmelo, Uruguay

Fly 45 minutes from Montevideo to the west side of the country to discover Carmelo: Uruguay's own little Tuscany, where you can breathe wine and good life in the air.

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Carmelo: Uruguay's own little Tuscany

Morning flight of about 45 minutes from Montevideo, sharing great views and the Uruguayan west coast from the air.

We will arrive to Carmelo, where we will visit what we usually refer to as Uruguay's little Tuscany: a combination of fresh air, wineries, vineyards and a very quiet city on the Uruguay River. The perfect place to unwind and relax for the day.

Our first stop will be at Almacen de la Capilla and Cordano winery, a typical corner of the inland of the country, just across from the picturesque San Roque Chapel. There you will taste their wines and products made in the area, while we tell you the history of this place.

Afterwards, we will continue with a tour of this beautiful city. We will cross the rotating bridge to visit Playa Seré and the yacht port. We will make a stopover in the winery of the Irurtia family, who have been making wines of the highest prestige for more than 100 years.

Lunch time: Campo Tinto Restaurant. A very intimate place, with great service and surrounded by nature, vines and also their own winery open for patrons to enjoy.

For the afternoon, Bodega El Legado, with a guided tour by the owner himself, who entertains the visitors with stories and details of his boutique establishment, recognized even by the international press.


  • Flight from Montevideo to Carmelo, Uruguay's little Tuscany
  • Visit a few local wineries and taste local products and wines
  • Discover the city and its wonderful sights
  • Lunch and afternoon winery visit also included

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