Discover an extensive range of delicious spirits on our liqueur tasting tours.

Experience a luxury holiday centered around discovering exceptional liqueurs and learning about the fascinating history of this drink. Indulge your tastebuds with a diverse range of flavours and enjoy the very best of what liqueur distilleries have to offer.

With Wine Paths, you can discover a unique and personalized liqueur tasting holiday surrounded by the finest culture and entertainment every step of the way. Our distinctive combination of specialist tours, outstanding cuisine and expert tasting guidance creates an unforgettable travel experience that will leave you with extensive knowledge of this delicious spirit.

Uncover more than just a basic history of liqueurs as we take you right to the birthplace of many famous brands across a variety of countries. Liqueurs are an absolute staple in many classic cocktails and are also deliciously enjoyed on their own, and our distillery experts will be able to guide you through choosing, tasting and mixing a range of different flavours to enhance your understanding of liqueur tasting.

From smooth and rich cream liqueurs to delicate and intriguing floral ones, join us on a tour that will open your eyes to the fascinating and detailed liqueur distillery process that has been passed down through generations.

Explore the History of Liqueur 

The origins of liqueur lie in medicine and can be traced all the way back to 13th century Italy, where medieval monks would distill and sweeten strong alcoholic beverages to treat various illnesses. The word liqueur comes from the Latin term ‘liquifacere’, which means to melt, dissolve, or ‘make liquid’.

The process of creating a liqueur begins with a distilled base spirit such as rum or brandy, which is then infused with herbs, fruit, seeds or leaves. This process began because historical distillery techniques weren’t as refined as they are today, and so spirits tended to be sweetened to make them more palatable. It is this sweetness that sets liqueur apart from other kinds of alcohol; the addition of sugar is a defining feature of the drink.

In the last few centuries, liqueurs have gained popularity across the globe as a stylish after-dinner drink, with hundreds of different flavours that can be enjoyed either on their own or as part of a cocktail. Specialist liqueur distilleries can be found in almost every county, following closely guarded recipes that haven’t changed in hundreds of years.

Where to go Liqueur Tasting

Liqueur’s European origins mean that some of the best distilleries in the business are found in places like Spain and Italy, but North America also has a number of established producers and Ireland is famous for its cream liqueur. 

One of the best places to go on a liqueur tasting tour is France, which is home to some of the oldest and most established liqueur distilleries that produce famous spirits such as Cointreau and Grand Mariner. The French invented both the ‘apéritif’ and ‘digestif’ and many of their liqueurs are perfectly crafted for sipping on before or after a meal, bringing rich and fruity flavours that are perfect on their own or with dessert.

From Normandy to the Loire Valley, liqueur is a quintessentially French drink that is enjoyed across the country. Each region has its own distinct liqueur labels, and your tasting tour will open your eyes to the history of each classic spirit and its significance in French culture. 

Plan Your Liqueur Tasting Holiday with Wine Paths 

At Wine Paths we pride ourselves in giving our clients the ultimate tasting holiday experience, complete with exceptional history, culture, gastronomy and distillery tours. A liqueur tasting holiday offers a wonderfully unique alternative to other popular tasting tours, and will allow you to uncover a whole new world of specialist ingredients and knowledge.

There are a huge range of different liqueurs to discover wherever you travel, and our experts will guide you through the process of selecting and tasting the best liqueurs for you. France is famous for its exceptional food and drink, and the country’s spirits are no different when it comes to quality.

On our liqueur tours, you will experience only the best of French culture, cuisine and accommodation, enjoying the finest hospitality of every region.

Join us for an Unforgettable Liqueur Tour 

At Wine Paths we are passionate about liqueur, and have created itineraries perfect for both seasoned enthusiasts and newcomers to the drink. Our tours will take you from historic distilleries to exclusive tasting sessions, providing you with an experience tailored precisely to your interests.

Get in touch with one of our liqueur experts to plan your exclusive tasting holiday, or browse our suggested itineraries below. 


Who invented liqueurs?

There is no single person who is credited with the invention of liqueur, but the origin of the drink can be traced back to monasteries in medieval Italy, where monks began infusing spirits with medicinal herbs. 

When should I drink liqueur?

Liqueurs can be enjoyed at any time of day, but they are best known for being an after-dinner drink, because of their sweet flavouring and also because some varieties contain ingredients that are said to aid digestion. 

What are the classifications of liqueur?

There is no standardised industry guide to the different kinds of liqueur, but there are a wide variety of flavours that include chocolate liqueurs, whiskey liqueurs, herbal liqueurs and fruit liqueurs.

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