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Famed for its sensual tango, sumptuous steak and wine, and sheer love of football, Argentina is a destination that attracts people from all over the world. There’s something to do for every traveller, and there are exciting attractions in every season. Luxury seekers will find the spa, golf and wine hotels to be the perfect base to explore. With a landscape of wild contrasts ranging from neotropical forests and shimmering lakes to snow-capped mountains and glossy glaciers, explore is exactly what you’ll want to do.

For a luxury cycling holiday, long-distance hiking experiences, or a ski trip to remember, Argentina is nature’s own playground. The food and wine go hand in hand with the beautiful views that you’ll get to soak up whilst you’re there. From marvellous Malbecs to smooth and aromatic Torrontes, every drop will help you set the mood and relax as you take in your surroundings.

Where to Visit in Argentina

Eat, drink and dance in beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina’s bustling capital. You’ll find the best tapas in the Americas, tango clubs open until the early hours, city streets bursting with life, and plenty of entertainment and culture. Be sure to grab a drink at one of the many historic cafes or speakeasy bars and marvel at the architecture.

In far northern Argentina is the spectacular Salta Province, one of the country’s largest regions bordering Chile, Bolivia, and Paraguay. It’s an area known for its rich heritage, charming towns, and some of the highest vineyards in the world. The city of Salta, often called “Salta La Linda” (meaning Salta the Beautiful) is a very popular destination for tourists. Home to some of the country’s best-preserved colonial buildings, it’s the gateway to Argentinian history in the north. Time stands still on its cobblestone streets which are encircled by Spanish architecture. And in this striking city, with the Andes Mountains on all sides, there’s everything from hiking and cycling to wine tasting to keep you busy.

Another unmissable destination is Mendoza. The province that’s home to Malbec, mountain vistas and mind-blowing scenery. It’s one of the ten ‘Great Wine Capitals’ of the world, making it a top region for checking out bodegas (wineries). For contemporary art museums and stylish plazas lined with art deco architecture, explore the beautiful Mendoza city.

Or for jaw-dropping views of snow-capped volcanoes, make your way to the Patagonia Lake District – it’s the perfect place for a romantic and luxurious sailing adventure.

When to Go in Argentina

Argentina is a vast nation with a varying climate, so there’s something to do at any time of year. The climate ranges from sub-tropical to sub-polar, so knowing where you’re heading is key. But the optimum time for great weather anywhere in the country is likely to be September to November (Argentine springtime), when temperatures are mild.

In the north, you can expect dry and sunny weather for most of the year, with the wet season being from December to March. Much of central Argentina, including Buenos Aires, enjoys a moderate climate where summers tend to be hot and humid (December to February), and winters are cool and dry (June to August).

Wine tours in Mendoza are ideal from mid-spring (October and November time) to early fall or autumn (March and April). During this time, the weather is warm and the landscape is bursting with colour. This is also when wineries are at their busiest, promising great atmosphere and plenty of things to do nearby.

Wine in Argentina

As the fifth largest producer of wine in the world, you can expect great wine at great prices. While in the past, the country’s production status was built on quantity over quality, today’s Argentinian varieties are among the finest across the globe.

Mendoza’s award-winning wineries are a rite of passage for any wine connoisseur. With its high altitude, arid climate and high-quality grapes, you won’t taste better Malbec anywhere else. But in the province’s many wine-making locations (including Maipu Valley, Lujan de Cuyo, and Uco Valley), the famous wine route has some diverse offerings. Try the Tempranillo, which pairs well with cheese due to having the structure of Cabernet Sauvignon and the meaty nature of Carignan. The younger the grapes, the more fresh and fruity it will taste. White wine drinkers will appreciate the Chardonnay, a rich and supple blend made under the region’s ample sunshine.

Embark on a wine tour in Salta and you can sample the country’s signature white variety. The famous Torrontes is fresh, aromatic and moderate in acidity. With its smooth texture and silky mouthfeel, it’s easy to drink and makes an excellent choice for wine tasting beginners. Its dominant flavours are peach, lemon and rose petal, a truly elegant orchestra that is commonly made in a dry style.

The full-bodied reds are also wonderful in Salta, including the up-and-coming Tannat that many believe to be “the next Malbec” of the beverage world.

Where to Stay in Argentina

A luxury holiday in Argentina isn’t complete without a room with a view, state-of-the-art amenities, spacious swimming pools, and fine dining in the most gorgeous surroundings. From sumptuous eco-lodges surrounded by vineyards to high-end wine and spa hotels that combine our favourite things for relaxation, you’ll find a great choice of accommodation.

It’s the final touches that make your stay memorable. Things such as an impressive wine list, an on-site sommelier, or an award-winning Hamam spa are the reasons why we have handpicked our holiday accommodation for you.

Places to Eat and Drink in Argentina

Food and wine are a winning combination in Argentina, with a feast of options and dining experiences for every traveller. An Argentine Sommelier takes their food pairings seriously, as does an owner of a small, off-the-beaten-path restaurant. It doesn’t matter where you go, from north to south – you’ll eat and drink like royalty.

Alpasión Restaurant, nestled in the Uco Valley and just over an hour away from the city of Mendoza, is one of the top foodie highlights. Discover a traditional four-course Argentine menu by Chef Hector Ordenes. Dine in the courtyard with views of the vineyards, or warm up on a chilly night by the roaring fire.


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