Stay at luxury Chile wine country hotels in Maule, Colchagua, San Antonio and Casablanca Valleys

There has been a recent surge in the number of luxury hotel accommodations accompanying wine tours in Chile, which now rivals neighbouring Argentina and Peru as the finest high-end tourist destinations in South America.

Over the last 25 years, the country’s wines have been staking a claim on the international stage, especially its award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon blends, bringing an influx of enotourism to Chile.

Many wineries have welcomed this by establishing their own Chile wine country hotels offering boutique and luxury stays within walking distance of vineyards, where guests can enjoy elaborate tastings and often exquisite local cuisine without having to travel too far.


At Wine Paths, our local expert can arrange luxury accommodations at exclusive Chile wine country hotels in any of the main viniculture regions, including the Maipo, San Antonio and Colchagua Valleys.

All of our tours, including vineyard visits, wine tastings, gourmet meals and incredible experiences, can be tailor-made to meet your exact needs while ensuring every detail is taken care of before you arrive.

Although many wine tours can be made from the capital, Santiago, to the surrounding vineyards, spending a few days in any of these regions lets you immerse yourself in an historic way of life while sampling some exceptional wines.

Chile wine country hotels tend to range from old colonial houses to chic modern designs with floor to ceiling glassed views and even infinity pools. But, before deciding on which hotel to stay at, you will need to contemplate what each region has to offer ­– with the central and south boasting the greatest number of options.

The southern Colchagua Valley – where Jesuit priests planted the first vineyards in the 16th century – is regarded as the country’s finest producer of red vintages and is by far the best equipped with Chile wine country hotels.

The Maule Valley is inarguably Chile’s leading central region and a popular destination for wine lovers drawn by their appreciation for the renowned Concha y Toro, the largest producer of wine in Latin America.

Heading west from Santiago is de rigueur for wine travellers given the quality wines and diverse styles of the San Antonio and Casablanca Valleys, which is also home to some exclusive Chile wine country hotels.

The former has been heralded as one of the most exciting new regions in the country – producing some of the finest Pinot Noir outside of Burgundy. And, white wine enthusiasts will be attracted by the cooler temperatures of the Casablanca Valley, which has gained a reputation for producing notable Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs.

With Chile being identified as the fastest growing tourist destination in South America by the World Tourism Association, there isn’t a better time to blaze a trail to this beautiful, untamed land.


Among the all-inclusive tours we can arrange, which includes a stay at the superb NOI Hotel, is a visit to the central valley that includes tastings at a host of influential wineries across the Colchagua, San Antonio, Casablanca and Maipo Valleys – while exploring the area by bicycle, staying at wonderful hotels and getting to experience both the Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains.


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