Making pasta the sicilian way

Bespoke coocking class at Monaci delle Terre Nere in Sicily, Italy

A journey into the preparation Italian Diet's symbol: pasta.

Gourmet Experiences
Half a day

Though Italians don’t make homemade pasta on a daily basis, egg pasta and eggless pasta-making are a tradition passed down through generations. They are both easy to make and use less than 3 ingredients each. Either fresh or egg pasta, adapt well to many cooking styles or as a basic ingredient of Italian-style soups.

Our Pasta Making cooking class gives you a chance to enjoy an authentic culinary experience and learn some tricks for your own kitchen. It’s time to learn how to make traditional Italian pasta from scratch! You’ll learn every step and do them all yourself, from mixing the ingredients to kneading the dough and making the sauce. You'll make two different types of pasta, a regular one and one with filling. No previous experience is necessary since the chef will guide you through the hands-on process. It's a great experience for seasoned cooks, amateurs, and even children. Throughout the class the chef will teach you “take-home tricks” for cooking perfect pasta; from the different uses for different flours to the best sauce bases and substitute ingredients, you can source at home.

You’ll also be tasting as you go but the highlight of your morning will be the dishes you cook for yourself. Enjoy them out at the pool restaurant, then wrap it all up with a glass of wine, as Sicilians do.

The private class offers the opportunity to have our chef all for yourselves and the lunch will include a bottle of our own wine production and dessert.

The cooking class is available every day, upon reservation, at 11:00 (minimum 2 people).

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