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Explore the iconic city of Florence and nearby wine regions of Tuscany on exclusive wine tours in Firenze, Italy.

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Florence is the capital of the wine region of Tuscany. It is a gastronomical, architectural and cultural gem in the country and world-famous for its many distinct aspects. Politically, economically, and culturally Florence was the most important city in Europe for around 250 years, from some time before 1300 until the early 1500s. It being the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, the city of Florence has abundant museums, art galleries and monuments that talk of the many great artists, writers and scientific minds to have inhabited this incredible city over the ages.

On an exclusive wine tour in Florence you can see yourself walking around this historic city and making your way through the streets to iconic monuments and buildings that house some of the best artworks and scientific discoveries in the world. But Florence, with its close proximity to the equally famous wine growing region of Chianti in Tuscany makes for an ideal place to enjoy these delicious wines while soaking in the Italian history and revelations that paved the way to modern times. The streets of Florence are lined with traditional and modern wine bars that serve the best of Tuscan and other Italian wines along with some exclusive local delicacies. You can relax and sip on a glass of deep and robust Tuscan red with nibbling on some local ham and cheese while admiring the changing views on the stunning streets of the city. You can even explore the local markets of the city that have stood the test of time and offer produce that is highly traditional and unique o this Italian region. With wines to taste and plenty of Italian gastronomical delights to gorge on, these local food markets will help you understand the local culture and way of life in a truly unique way.

The possibilities of different kinds of wine tours in Florence are endless. And whats more? You can entirely customize your wine tour to your liking and preferences. Which means, you could visit the plazas and museums of your choice, dine in the restaurants that you fancy and even taste wines in the nearby wineries of Chianti for leisure. All you need to do is contact our local travel expert in Florence and indulge yourself in a tailor-made tour! 

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