Best wineries in La Rioja, Spain

La Rioja is one of Spain’s most famous wine-producing areas. A region with both historic and contemporary wineries, iconic vineyards and several wine museums; this is certainly one of the best places for an immersive wine vacation.

La Rioja - The Bastion of Wine

Once a stringent, traditional region, Rioja is now home to some of Spain's most exciting wine projects and winemakers are consistently innovating to redefine the regions identity. The moderate climate, tempered by the Atlantic to the north, allows for a wide variety of grape varieties to be grown and many producers are rediscovering old vines that had traditionally been under-valued. Whether it's a spicy, red-fruited Garnacha, a nutty, oxidized Viura or an elegant, complex Tempranillo, there's treasure to be discovered.

The ideal way to explore this wine bastion is to take a tour of the vineyards and wineries to learn about the process of winemaking, taste wine with the producers and visit the wine museums. The region is known for Spain’s best wine museums, depicting the history and cultural significance. These showcase wine-related objects from old farming tools and vessels to art, and even exhibitions on the future of wine. 

The region is strewn with some excellent bodegas (wineries) and the effect of scientific developments in viticulture and oenology, perceived value of indigenous varieties, climate change and dynamic international market is resulting in building a new era of fine red wines.

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Winery Suggestions in La Rioja

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