Explore wines through flavors that complement and inspire

In this interactive pairing experience, we invite our guests to discover the magic of food and wine pairing. We taste 4 different wines and 4 different flavors of food, encouraging personal experimentation with the two pairing strategies of harmony and contrast.

Theme : Visits & Tastings Duration : From 1 to 3 hours Groups : Yes

Pairing wines with food creates an entirely new experience for the palate as flavors, textures and weights interact. We invite our guests to learn through personal experience the influence that wine has on food, and vice versa.

We have selected 4 of our favorite local Argentine flavors to pair with 4 wines from our Susana Balbo and Crios lines. Each person’s experience will be different, and true to our team’s philosophy, we challenge our visitors to experiment with novel combinations.







Selected flavors include:

  • Bitter: arugula/rocket
  • Creamy: cream cheese
  • Sweet: dulce de leche (caramel)
  • Salty: potato chips

Selected wines include:

  • Crios Torrontés
  • Crios Malbec
  • Brioso
  • Susana Balbo Late Harvest Malbec

Offered daily at 9:30am, 11:00am, and 3:30pm. Duration is approximately 80 minutes. Reservation required; minimum of 2 people.

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