Exclusive wine experiences at Château Giscours in Bordeaux, France

Cuisine in harmony with its setting

Our chef Benjamin Laurent offers a natural, gourmet interlude with seasonal cuisine in close harmony with the spirit of the place. For lunch, dinner or a cocktail, La Table de Giscours welcomes you to the Château dining room and its inviting private lounge. A magical setting with a breathtaking view

Theme : Gourmet Experiences Duration : Half a day Groups : No

Indulge in some delicious treats at La Table de Giscours. Our chef works hard every day to find the perfect balance between cuisine and nature, terroir and countryside, creation and tradition. His flagship recipes include scrambled eggs from the chicken coop with carrot and orange; tomato aspic with aromatic herbs from the vegetable garden; Giscours beef with Jerusalem artichoke ravioli, truffles from our reserve and Giscours sourdough bread; and a crispy tuile, vanilla cream and Giscours beer ice cream.

Every day, Benjamin strolls through the Giscours vegetable garden, draws inspiration from what he finds, and starts planning the next round of seeds. And when it comes to beef, lamb, poultry or eggs, our estate once again provides. He also oversees the animals’ nutrition, working together with farming manager Cécile. Benjamin’s cuisine is sincere, authentic and designed to be local.

At Giscours, authenticity goes hand in hand with empathy. Whether a gastronomic feast or a light lunch, we want to ensure an unforgettable moment for our guests.

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