The Golden Wines of Bordeaux

Discover a new side of Bordeaux as you taste the golden sweet wines on your visit to the finest wineries of Sauternes

The vineyards of Sauternes are crossed by the Ciron, which is a small river tributary of the Garonne. The almost magical combination of the heat and humidity of this river favors the development of a bacterium, Botrytis cinerea. It is this mushroom that forms what is called noble rot, especially suitable for the Semillon grape variety. This mushroom concentrates the sugars of the grape and gives Sauternes wines this particular candied fruit aroma.

Sauternes wines are 80% Semillon, Sauvignon and some Muscadelle. To bear the name of Sauternes or Barsac the wines must have been produced with vines at the maximum yield of 25 hectoliters per hectare and must have been harvested by hand.

At the first go, the eye is immediately drawn to the brilliant golden color of the wine. Exuberant, the nose spreads an incomparable aromatic range: dried apricot, currants, gingerbread, marmalade, honey, flowers, beeswax, oriental spices along with a complex mouth which will be soft, very full and harmonious.

Wineries in Sauternes will help you discover these amazing wines with curated wine tasting and food pairing sessions. You can learn a lot more about the rich heritage and wine making tradition of this region by enjoying a guided wine tour through the vineyards and wine cellars of the wineries in Sauternes.

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