The home of Quinta do Noval Nacional Vintage Port

Exclusive wine experiences at Quinta do Noval in Douro Valley, Portugal

A magical, historic place that produces wines that are among the world’s greatest.


The terroir at the heart of everything

A unique vineyard: Quinta do Noval is the only historic Port Shipper that bears the name of its vineyard. The majestic landscape surrounding the property is so beautiful, so remarkable, that the idea of being part of something greater than us, that existed before us, and will exist after us, is ever present.

The domaine of 145 hectares benefits from a privileged position at the very heart (Pinhão) of the Douro Valley constitutes the soul of Quinta do Noval. The soil is essentially made up of schistous rock, which makes all work in the vineyard particularly difficult.

The vineyard, which is entirely classified letter A, is planted with the noble grape varieties of the Douro. The wines produced in Quinta do Noval express the greatness of its terroir. Today, we can call on top quality grapes, which on the one hand assure the excellence of Quinta do Noval Ports, and on the other the production of Douro wines.

Remarkable consistency of style

The consistency of style of the Vintage Ports of Quinta do Noval through the decades is one of its particularities in the world of Port. Consistency quite simply because our Vintage Ports come from one single vineyard, a specific and magical place. 

The magic of Nacional Vintage

Quinta do Noval Nacional Vintage Port is one of the most celebrated Ports in the world. Grapes from ungrafted vines, in a small area at the heart of the Noval vineyard, untouched by phylloxera, give the wine its unique and distinctive personality. Come discover its secrets and unparalleled flavors to Quinta do Noval, along with our Douro red wines (first vintage 2004), the first year we considered them worthy of carrying the name of Quinta do Noval.

Please note: we open only on request, to provide a private and personalized experience to each of our visitors.

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