Best Restaurants in Chile, South America

The gastronomic evolution in Chile has completely transformed the food scene in the country. The top restaurants offer a blend of South American cuisine and international gourmet traditions providing dynamic culinary experiences.

Chile - The Gourmet Revolution

The recent culinary movement in Chile has not only redefined the concept of dining locally but has also impacted global trends. The high-end restaurants set in spectacular locations, world class ambience, celebrated chefs and perfect wine pairings makes Chile one of the best food destinations in the world.

Chile is also one of the world’s largest producers of wine, therefore wine pairing and the use of wine in cooking many Chilean recipes is part of the culture. A variety of flavors, ingredients, agricultural produce, fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood along with wine defines the food tradition in Chile.

Interestingly, one of the wineries to explore, Clos Apalta Winery, is designed with an integrated approach and has inhouse luxury accommodation and a restaurant with views of the vineyard to provide an immersive experience of this wine country. The restaurant offers lunch under the vineyard pergola and on the menu, they have vegetable and herbs from their organic garden.

The influences and diversity in cuisine from north, central valley and coast to south of Chile makes it a unique country, however, the popular specialities include different meat and seafood recipes, Asado (barbecue meat), steaks, soup and stew. The desserts and baked products include Brazo de Reina (classic Swiss role topped with chocolate swirls or icing sugar), Empanadas de manzana (baked pastry filled with baked apples and cinnamon) and Kuchen (traditional German cake filled with seasonal fruits).

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Restaurant Suggestions in Chile

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