The vineyards of the Capital!

The vineyards around the capital city of Santiago are very well known in the world. Discover some of the finest wineries in this region on your next wine tour to Chile.

Historical center of the Chilean viticulture, Santiago is concentrated with the valleys which surround it, the essence of the production of the country's finest wines. The city though having suffered numerous architectural losses due to natural disasters, has risen up from the flames in the recent years to reclaim its position as one of the safest cities in South of America for tourism.

The Chileans welcomed last year 3.7 million visitors, double that of ten years ago. The new surge in tourism activity is because the foreign tourists love this country for its wild landscapes, its rich and poignant history, its authentic lifestyle and of course its wines. With 126,000 hectares of vines (a little more than the Bordeaux region) distributed mainly around the capital Santiago, the country cultivates many grape varieties, one-third of which are Cabernet Sauvignon, 10% Sauvignon Blanc and 8% of the emblematic Carménère.

In terms of wine, Chile is realized from east to west, because it is the Pacific Ocean with its freshness to the west, the central valleys burning like the desert with the Andes to the east that impact the terroir and the wines. The wineries in Santiago enjoy full freedom of oenological practices to invent the wines of tomorrow and position itself on the world stage of quality wines never forgetting that a visitor, in addition to tasting wine, likes to enjoy the Chilean way of life.

Santiago de Chile is the ideal gateway to travel the wine routes, and visiting the wineries in Chile is an interesting way to experience the Chilean culture, gastronomy and hospitality. 

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