Finding the Best Port Tasting in Porto

When planning a trip to the heart of Portugal’s ultimate wine region -the UNESCO-listed Douro Valley, you must find the time to include -at least- a daytrip to the country’s second largest city, Porto.

While a trip to the valley itself is definitely recommended, do not overlook the city where hundreds of thousands of bottles of Port are currently slumbering in aging cellars. Trust us, you won’t regret it. The best port tasting in Porto is out there, waiting for you to discover it!

For a true Port-immersion, cross the Louis I bridge to Vila Nova de Gaia for a seemingly endless succession of Port cellars. Most names will probably ring a bell, as some of these are known the world-over: if you are searching for the best port tasting in Porto, this is where your pursuit should begin. To the left-hand side of the bridge, one next to the other, these wine cellars will reveal themselves to you as inviting Port temples where you can learn about this celebrated fortified wine, see the aging bottles in the cellars, and of course, taste it.

Right on the waterfront, you will find Port caves like Calem -which usually hosts fado concerts (a UNESCO-listed traditional Portuguese music genre) that provide a wonderful insight into one of the country’s iconic cultural traditions, Kopke -the oldest port wine house in Portugal, Sandeman, Vasconcellos, Croft and Taylor’s, among others. On the right-hand side, after the bridge, the newly-remodeled Burmester Museum and Wine Cellar is also open for visits and port tastings.

Portugal boasts of few of the most aesthetically planned vineyards and wineries. Terraced slopes for the vines, bright sunny skies and charming winemakers make Portuguese wineries a delight to visit. Portugal is almost synonymous with its most famous wine: Porto. This wine produced in the Douro region of the country is fortified and available in a couple of different styles. This Port wine or Porto has been made in this area for at least two thousand years where the vines were first planted. A typical wine tour in this region would take you through the beautiful vineyards, into the age-old cellars and finally towards tasting the magnificent Porto. But the vineyards of Porto and the Port wine tasting sessions aren’t the only attractions in the Douro Valley. You can indulge in multiple events and activities organised by the wineries and also aim to discover the table wines of this region. Although Douro is the most widely known wine region in Portugal, Vinho Verde, Lisboa and Madeira aren’t too far behind. Our partners in Portugal are spread all over these regions and are known to produce some exotic and unique wines and offer some of the most exciting wine tours as well. 

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