Discover the best wineries of Portugal

With picturesque terraced vineyards, clear blue skies and delicious wines, Portugal is a wine-lover’s paradise.

An incredible number of indigenous grape varieties ensure unique flavours in the wines. From crispy white wines with a hint of effervescence to tawny ports with caramel and nutty notes, Portuguese wines have something to offer for everyone’s tastes.

The wineries in Portugal are heavily influenced by the weight of the traditional wine-making and ageing processes. One of the most famous wine regions of Portugal is the Douro Valley. Here the Quintas or wineries produce the famous Port wines along with a steady proportion of table wines. The peculiarity of this region though, is the use of the ageing cellars on the river banks of Porto called the Vila Nova de Gaia. A wine tour to these two areas would ensure a complete understanding of the making and selling of the flagship product of the country.

Another important wine region in the country is the warm and dry Alentejo region. Here wine-making was revived a few decades back and it has come a long way since then. The temperature, type of soil and environment heavily influence the wine-making techniques in this region. The resulting wine produced is usually a highly concentrated red wine packed with flavours and complexities. This is quite contrary to the other wine region in Portugal called Vinho Verde. As the name suggests this region is known for its “green”wine or fresh, crisp and acidic white wines.

With such a vast ocean of options to choose from, visiting wineries in Portugal can be a tough task. Our local travel expert in Portugal can help you with this dilemma and arrange for an incredible wine tasting experience tailor-made to your liking.

Winery Suggestions in Portugal

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