Cooking class at Susana Balbo Wines in Mendoza, Argentina

Cook and enjoy traditional Argentine recipes with our chef

We invite guests into our kitchen for a hands-on cooking class: Argentina Without Secrets (Flame Cooking). Guests are given the opportunity to learn diverse cooking techniques and culinary traditions while enjoying multiple courses of food and wine.

Theme : Gourmet Experiences Duration : Half a day Groups : Yes

There’s much to love about the food culture of Argentina, and at Susana Balbo Wines we take pride in our fresh, creative approach to the region’s traditional cuisine.

Guests work side-by-side with our chef to prepare 3-4 courses in each of our cooking class offering:

* Argentina Without Secrets: This class highlights Argentina’s most risky and traditional techniques for cooking with fire. Guests learn how to grill meats, vegetables and empanadas to perfection using the grill, wood oven, steel pan, iron cauldron, wire and direct flame. The class also includes the symbolic Argentina ritual of mate (traditional tea).

Teh activity includes a visit to the chef’s garden to pick fresh herbs according to taste, and a selection of wines chosen by the visitor (Crios, Susana Balbo and BenMarco lines).

Available Monday to Sunday at 10:00am with advance reservation. Minimum of 2 people (required).Duration is approximately 4-5 hours.

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