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A rich and delicious cuisine based on olive oil, fragrant herbs, garlic and various herbs. Provencal cuisine is characterized by the abundant use of vegetables ingeniously combined to compensate for the deficit in meat, too expensive in the poor Provence of the past. Many recipes will make vegetarians happy.

Provence, in the south of France, is home to specialties which are very different from those of the north or the center of the country. Thanks to its Mediterranean climate and its incomparable situation that allows its inhabitants to enjoy fresh fish, different meats, fruits, and vegetables throughout the year which has benefited a lot from the influence of other countries of the Mediterranean. Provence offers an infinity of culinary possibilities with many specialties like bouillabaisse, ratatouille, truffle based dishes, little bonbons called calissons and also delicious wines.

The restaurants in Aix-en-Provence have a menu carefully crafted to help you discover all their specialties in the best way possible. You can enjoy some of the finest wines of the region with the help of their extensive wine list and understand the influence of the local cuisine on the wines and vice versa. 

Staying in Provence is a great way to discover the culinary specialties of the region because you will have the opportunity to take your time to discover the gastronomy extensively! You can then improvise and try to recreate some of the most famous dishes of Provence because the freshest ingredients are readily available in the many farmer's markets which are popular over the whole region. 

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