Best Restaurants in Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is undoubtedly amongst the most stunning regions of Italy, home to some of the greatest Renaissance art and architecture, the world’s most notable wines and exotic culinary experiences.

The Pride of Italy

Like all Italian cuisine, Tuscan cooking is based upon using the freshest and simple ingredients of the season including many legumes, cheeses, vegetables and fruits.  Typical dishes are based upon what Tuscans find fresh and local at the market that week to pair with wine from the region.

Indulge in a gastronomic experience at a classical Tuscan restaurant in the shade of the medieval castle of Poggio alle Mura. The menu proposes traditional dishes of Montalcino and Tuscany, enhanced by the freshness and authenticity of local ingredients.

Sala dei Grappoli features sophisticated Tuscan cuisine in an elegant country setting. The various tasting menus reveal the rich flavors of the region and are expertly paired with the wines from the vineyards.

Or how about an epicurean journey in a warm, understated atmosphere serving upscale classical Italian dishes drawn from the various regions of Italy and enriched with fresh produce from the organic kitchen garden? The panoramic terrace offers stunning views of the deep green hills and sloping woodlands of Montalcino and the renowned Val d’Orcia.

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Restaurant Suggestions in Tuscany

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