Vertical Tasting of Esporãos' First Wine

Guided tour to the wineries and cellars with a lectured vertical tasting of Esporão Reserve Red.

Visits & Tastings
Half a day

Start with a guided tour to our cellars and wineries and enjoy a tasting of 3 wine: learn the secrets of wine production.

Finish with a vertical lectured tasting of one of our best wines, Esporão Reserve Red: the first wine made by Esporão in 1985. This wine made from estate-grown grapes, shows the consistency and the rich, ripe fruit characteristics that are typical of the best Alentejo red wines.

During this lectured tasting, you will be able to get to discover four vintages from this specific wine and understand the differences between them by experiencing all the flavors and scents they have to offer

(program available for a maximum of 6 visitors)


  • Guided tour to the wineries and cellars
  • Vertical lectured tasting of 4 vintages of Esporãos' First Wine

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