An incredible Wine Holiday: Portugal

Discover the land of sunshine, stunning vistas and delicious wines as you sign up for one of our exclusive wine holidays in Portugal for you next wine vacation

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Discover all that the beautiful country of Portugal has to offer an exclusive wine holiday in the wine regions of the country.

Portuguese wines: tradition at its best

From its southern beaches to the breathtaking mountains of the north, Portugal is a land of contrasts and Portuguese wines are no exception. In this European country of incredibly beautiful landscapes, food and wine are fundamental. In fact, although the country has experienced a modernization phase in the last few decades, tradition is still proudly guarded. 

In 1756 the vineyards of the Douro became the world’s first to be legally demarcated: the Região Demarcada do Douro was born. In December 2001, the Alto Douro Wine Region was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A wine holiday in Douro Valley will take you to the beautiful vineyards of the region. Keeping in with their traditional ways, winemakers in Portugal have prioritized and developed their indigenous varieties of grapes, which makes Portuguese wines quite unique.

Portuguese wines’ brightest star: Porto 

Arguably, the most famous Portuguese wine is Porto (“Port”), a fortified wine made of the unique blend of Portuguese indigenous grapes such as the Touriga Nacional, Touriga Francesa or Tinta Barroca. Seldom found elsewhere, these varieties are perfectly suited to the hot, arid conditions of the Douro Valley and are the source of much of Port’s unique and distinctive character. 

A wine holiday in Porto can take you the famous cellars where the Port wine is stored. Port wine is produced in Portugal’s Douro Valley, one of the oldest and most beautiful vineyard areas in the world. It is traditionally fermented in lagars (a type of winepress) where grapes are stomped on by barefoot people. Today, although most Port wineries have automatized their lagars with mechanical “feet”, visitors to the area can still take part in the original wine-stomping process during the harvest months. If this idea amuses you, be aware that you will depart the winery with great memories and… purple-feet!

To better understand Port’s many styles and characteristic flavors, visit one of the many open-to-the-public quintas (Portuguese wine producing estate) and take part in a guided tasting. You can try everything from a Reserve or a Late Bottled Vintage to an Aged Tawny or a deliciously complex Vintage one, while an expert shares the myriad of reasons that make Port one of the most famous wines in the world.

But Porto isn't the only kind of wine made in this incredibly rich country. When on a wine holiday in Portugal, you will have the opportunity to try all the types of wine in the spectrum: from refreshing whites and rosés or elegant reds to sparkling and world-famous ports.

Once long famous as the birthplace of Port wine, Portugal is now also renowned for its fine, unfortified wines, both red and white. In order to get a better understanding of where each is made, you can book yourself an exclusive wine holiday in Portugal and taste your way through the variety of wines on offer. Contact our local travel expert in the region to customize a wine vacation for yourself in Portugal!


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