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Although sun kissed California contributes around 90% to the country’s entire production and has the most significant vineyards in the USA, wine is produced from US vineyards in all 50 states.

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A California wine vacation will take you through the lush vineyards of USA. With our wine country California vacation packages and over a million acres dedicated to vineyards in the the country has established itself as the world’s fourth largest wine producing country – as well as being a must travel destination for dedicated wine tourists, with at least one winery in every state.Wine has been grown across the Atlantic for over 300 years, although it wasn’t until a watershed moment in the 1970s that vineyards in America and the wines they produced were taken seriously by the rest of the world. Discover these exclusive wines on one of the best wine vacations in the US.

The so-called ‘1976 Judgement of Paris’ pitted both red and white wines from the US against those from France, which is generally considered the spiritual home of fine wine, as part of a blind tasting in the capital.To the astonishment of the world, a panel of respected French judges awarded the winners of both categories to wines from Napa Valley as opposed to those from Burgundy or Bordeaux – thereby creating a surge of interest in wines from US and changing the course of history for American viticulture.

With vacation packages to Sonoma wine country and California wine vacation packages you can experience the best wine vacations in the US. Napa Valley and neighbouring Sonoma County in California remain the standard bearers for US wines – particularly their signature Cabernet Sauvignon – and the Golden State produces five times more wines than the combined total of the next three states: Washington, Oregon and New York.There are, however, many lesser known vineyards in the USA producing equally impressive wines from several regions which you can discover on a Sonoma wine holiday or one of our wine country California vacation packages.

As in Europe, regional identity is important to vineyards in the USA – with around 200 officially recognised AVAs (American Viticultural Areas). These are similar to European-style appellations except less restrictive as they only indicate the region where grapes are grown. More than half of the AVAs are in California, and they vary in size from a quarter of a square mile to almost 30,000 square miles. At Wine Paths, our local expert can organise exclusive tours of the best vineyards in the US, including elaborate tastings, luxury accommodation, fine dining experiences and some unique activities. A typical wine holiday in California or Sonoma involves exploring the area accompanied by a professional guide before sampling a range of premium wines – often accompanied by local cuisine pairings or a gourmet meal.

There are over 3,000 commercial American vineyards, spread across the following main regions:

  • West Coast – in particular California, Washington and Oregon
  • Rocky Mountain Region – in particular Idaho and Colorado
  • Southwestern United States – in particular Texas and Mexico
  • Midwestern United States – in particular Missouri and Indiana
  • Great Lakes Region – in particular Michigan, Ohio and northern New York
  • East Coast – in particular New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida

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