Cognac tours: discover world-class French brandy

Cognac tours will take you on an unforgettable experience: the city’s combination of ancient history and influential religious sites will help unveil (some) of the secrets behind the finest bottles of Cognac, undoubtedly, the most famous French brandy in the world.

Cognac tours start in the Cognac houses’ cellars for an insightful approach: step into the distinguished world of this remarkable eau-de-vie to learn about the fascinating alchemy behind it. Meet the expert cellar masters and their unique craft: their secrets on blending and their “nose” skills responsible for creating exceptional vintages of this internationally acclaimed French brandy. Finish your visit with an exclusive ceremonial tasting of Grand Cru Cognacs and indulge in the aromas and complexity this masterly blended spirit has to offer.

Cognac tours: explore the Cognac route and its history 

After a superb and informational visit to a local cellar, join one of the Cognac tours that cover the historical and religious importance of the region: discover the many significant stops along the famed Cognac Route from the Roche Courbon Castle to the Fontdouce Abbey. Visit the Saint Eutrope Church in Saintes, a Romanesque art gem listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, on the Santiago de Compostela Route or marvel at the beautiful architecture of the medieval castles and Cognac houses in the area. 

For those with a love for sailing, there are some Cognac tours that will take you an hour and a half away to the Bay of Biscay, off the coast of La Rochelle to admire regatta competitions and nautical challenges or visit the islands of Aix, Ré and Oléron.

A rich cultural heritage and some of the most admired brandies in the world: come experience everything the region has to offer on one of the many tailor-made Cognac tours a local travel expert can help you customize to your preferences. You can also book distillery visits, accommodation, Michelin-starred or gourmet restaurants and bars directly on  

Tour Suggestions in Cognac

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