Rémy Martin, rooted in exception since 1724

Exclusive wine experiences at Remy Martin in Cognac, France

For almost 300 years, the House of Rémy Martin has been preparing its cognacs with precious eaux-de-vie. From its winegrowing and family origins, our House understands the value of time, patience, rarity and excellence. We invite you to discover our estates, our know-how and our cognacs.



Since 1724, the House of Rémy Martin has been preparing its cognacs with precious eaux-de-vie exclusively from the two most prestigious vineyards, the Petite Champagne and the Grande Champagne. From its winegrowing and family origins, Rémy Martin is the only major cognac House to have been founded by a winegrower.

Fifty years ago, the House created the first ever winegrowing cooperative in the Cognac region: the Alliance Fine Champagne. In 1948, the brand started producing excusively Fine Champagne cognacs with grapes from the two most sought-after vineyards: Grande and Petite Champagne. The result is exceptionally aromatic grapes and eaux-de-vie with superior aging process. The eaux-de-vie are particularly rich and delicate, requiring a greater number of years to fully express their true character.

The cognacs come with time and patience. Theses values are understood by our cellar master, Baptise Loiseau. He and his tasting committee are the guardians of the House’s heritage. Rémy Martin has a signature cognac style based on harmony, thanks to the traditional use of distillation on the lees, with the residual yeast, in small copper stills. This harmony is at the heart of the cellar master’s sacred mission.


All year round by appointment, the House of Rémy Martin suggests you to discover its cognacs through fourteen different programs and visits -from two hours long to full day ones. Let the House of Rémy Martin reveal itself, its know-how, heritage and values. Focused on exception and creativity our visits will give you a unique experience with a dedicated team through several sites. Always with a tasting moment around cognacs accompagnied by gastronomic bouchées, discover the flavours of our cognacs.

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