Unveiling the best wineries in Chile

Over the last 25 years, the country’s wines have been staking a claim on the international stage, especially its award-winning Cabernet Sauvignon blends, bringing an influx of enotourism to Chile

Chile started growing vines in the 16th century. With a steady increase in immigrants from Spain, winemaking flourished in the country. Towards the 20th century, a large number of French families flocked to this South American nation and brought along with them their love for good wines and their knowledge and skills for producing them.  This is how Chile started its love affair with fine wines and is today the 5th largest exporter of wines in the world.

Many wineries have welcomed the booming wine tourism in the country by establishing their own wine tours and activities along with hotels and restaurants offering boutique and luxury stays within walking distance of vineyards, where guests can enjoy elaborate tastings and often exquisite local cuisine without having to travel too far.

Wineries in Chile grew from a handful to nearly a 100 in a matter of a few short years at the beginning of the 21st century. This boosted the overall production of the country, but, at the same time gave rise to many large scale wine producers who mainly focused on bulk-produced wines mainly for export markets. So, what can one do to avoid these generic producers while searching for the best wineries in Chile?

The answer is quite simple.

To plan your ideal wine trip to Chile all you need to do is consult our local travel expert. With the guidance of Wine Paths, you are sure to be pleased in your hunt for fine wineries in Chile. Our guide will help you find the most authentic wine tastings and exclusive tours to make your wine holiday unforgettable.

We offer exclusive tours to some of the best wineries in Chile including Vina Vik wineries situated in Millahue, literally called the ‘the place of gold’ produces the greatest wines in the world. This winery in Chile is known for its perfect fusion between man, experience, climate, land, and the most advanced technologies.

Another one of the wineries in Chile is the Almaviva winery, which is a product of the symbiosis between two big wine houses, Concha y Toro of Chile and Baron Philippe de Rothschild of France. The winery has a ‘Grand cru’ or Chateau concept unique to the wine houses of Bordeaux. The wines from Almaviva bring out the best of both the new world and old world wine-making styles and make for an exceptional wine -tasting and winery tour experience.

If you want to taste some of the most award-winning wines in Chile, you must visit the Clos Apalta winery. It is nestled just on the slopes of the Apalta hills, in the Colchagua Valley. In the midst of old vineyards that are managed in a totally organic and biodynamic way, this gravitational wine cellar - with six levels below ground and about 25 meters deep - was built specially to produce some iconic wines. This winery has gathered accolades and immense respect and love for its wines from wine critics and connoisseurs alike. Take a tour in their pristine vineyards and learn about their secrets to making spectacular wines.

From world-famous commercial producers to small, unique boutique wineries that stay true to Chilean traditions, you are sure to find everything you are looking for in a winery Chile is home to. With the finest experts of the country helping you arrange your wine tours and tastings to some of the best wineries in Chile, you are sure to have a bespoke and extremely memorable wine-holiday in this beautiful new-world wine country!

A rich cultural heritage and some of the most admired wines in the world: come experience everything this country offers on one of the many tailor-made wine tours a local travel expert can help you customize to your preferences. You can also book winery visits directly through our website.

Wineries Suggestions in Chile

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