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Explore the beautiful wineries of Galicia on your next winery visit in this peculiar region in Spain

Galicia is a region in the north-west region of Spain with Portugal to the south and the Atlantic ocean to its side. Most wine-lovers are still unaware of the great variety of wine produced in Galicia. Besides the usual varieties of Albariño and Ribeiro, the Galician community has other wines of unparalleled quality which are a must-try. Their are five denominations of origin that regulate wines in Galicia which offer an all-round eno-touristic experience

Along with the great commercial and technological boost that this wine region has received, it is necessary to highlight the great modernizing effort that wineries and denominations have undertaken in order to keep up with the growth of tourism. Development of beautiful wine routes, exclusive experiences in wineries, world-class spas, luxury hotels and rehabilitating old monasteries are just a  few of the efforts that have Galicia a perfect destination for your next wine holiday. The wine gives us a magnificent option to visit the lesser-known, hidden gems of the wine region of Galicia.

The Galician wines have very strong qualities that differentiate them from other types of wines. When we try a Galician wine there are two characteristics that always stand out: The freshness: sip on a Galician white wine is to relieve yourself of heat and humidity. And the balance between acidity and aromatic characteristics: a wine too acidic for most wine lovers is unpleasant, but in the case of Galician wines it is enhanced and balanced using the aromatic characteristics of the wine.

The peculiarity of the area and the richness of the terroir thanks to the perfect amalgamation of climatic conditions gives the wines a really special sense, impossible to imitate and difficult to approximate. The Albariño, Mencía and Godello grape varieties are the best known and worked and the traditional viticulture methods give this wine area exceptional conditions to produce different wines of a high quality.

A tradition involves enjoying wine from Ribeiro with a cloudy appearance in a typical Galician cup when visiting the wineries in Galicia. Sometimes it is a great explosion of freshness and acidity, while some times it could be an unpleasant experience that needs to be redone until you find the perfect cup.

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