The fruity wines of Toro!

Discover the beautiful vineyards and archaic wine cellars of some of the best wineries in Toro on your next wine tour to this incredible wine region of Spain.

Toro wines have a great tradition. Its origins predate the settlement of the Romans. In the Middle Ages it was considered a good of great appreciation, being granted royal privileges that allowed its commercialization in cities where the sale of other wines was prohibited.

They were filled with wines and shipped to the lands of the new world. During the 19th century, it was exported in large quantities to France to supply the lack of wine caused by the plague of phylloxera. In the 70's of the 20th century, the first steps were taken to create what, with the passage of time, would become the Toro Denomination of Origin, whose culmination came in 1987. At present, the Toro Denomination of Origin Regulatory Board endorses the quality of 51 wineries. The evolution that it has undergone in the last decades has made them the protagonists of wine reviews both nationally and internationally.

Given the exceptional weather conditions that are provided in the area, the Tinta de Toro variety ripens early, this gives the opportunity for the wineries to also elaborate wines by the various process to produce these fragrant, fresh wines. These highly aromatic wines are sold from November, within the same year of the grape harvest allowing little to no time for ageing to occur.

The wineries in Toro offer some interesting wine tours and visits. You can indulge yourself in a guided wine tasting and food pairing session at the wineries. You can also explore the vineyards and teh wine cellars to learn the secrets of making these aromatic, fruity and fresh wines of Toro. We can also arrange for you gourmet lunches and picnics in the vineyards along with many other gastronomical activities that will help you understand the local food culture of the region. 

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