A unique wine holiday: Uruguay

Uruguay is a small South American country, open on the Atlantic Ocean, bordered by two giants, Argentina to the southwest and Brazil to the north. 

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Uruguay and its bodegas with deep wines made exclusively from Tannat and warm and friendly Uruguayan wine-making families eager to help you experience the best of South American hospitality, is what makes this country perfect for your next wine holiday.

A wine holiday in Uruguay will take you a country with the a large vineyard to wine consumption ratio. The vineyards cover a little less than 8,000 hectares of land and are mostly concentrated in the southern regions, around the capital Montevideo, near the Rio del Plata. The majority of Uruguay's vineyards stretch along "El Rio de la Plata", an immense river frontier between Uruguay and Argentina, from where the famous cities of Montevideo and Colonia de Sacramento rise. 60% of the national production is around these two cities. Further north, the province of Salto proudly displays vineyards whose wines are regularly awarded in the world competitions.

A few wine-growing islands have developed along the borders and in the center of the country which offer breath-taking views along with delicious wines.  Uruguay enjoys a warm and humid climate, refreshed by the Atlantic. Sunny days are followed by cool nights which allow the grapes to ripen slowly and develop very complex flavours. The Uruguayan wines have a freshness and lightness that stands out with the powerful and ripe character like that of Argentinian wines.

The grape Tannat introduced in the nineteenth century has very quickly become the national grape variety and has made a place for itself in the world of fine wines. It is known for its roundness, offering colorful and aromatic wines rich in tannins and but a more flexible palate than its cousin, Madiran.

Wine holidays in Uruguay are soon becoming the next-big-thing. Uruguay initiated a turn in the nineteenth century to restore the national vine blazon. Since then, the quality has only been increasing and Uruguayan winemakers are organizing themselves to open themselves to wine tourism by creating in particular the Wine Route in Uruguay. What an incredible initiative for wine-lovers!

The scenic coastal setting and the delicious local cuisine just add to the many reasons why you need to book a wine holiday in Uruguay. Contact our local travel expert in the country and customize yourself a wine vacation of a lifetime!

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