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The South African Wine Route Guide
Although the country’s most prominent wine region is clustered around the Cape Winelands in the west, beyond there is a collection of South African wine routes to explore – each with their own individual personality.
Vinous discoveries in South Africa’s Mother City
Fondly dubbed the ‘Mother City’, Cape Town is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and is the perfect backdrop to indulge in some South African wine tasting. Cape Town boasts some of South Africa’s favourite attractions and draws increasing numbers of visitors every year.
South Africa
Amanda Barnes visited Mont Rochelle & Anthonij Rupert Wyne in South Africa. August 2018.
Paarl: The ‘pearl’ in the stunning South African wine regions
Paarl is one of South Africa’s most renowned wine regions, with a history of viticulture dating back to 1688 when the French Huguenots were granted land to farm in the Drakenstein area
Franschhoek: wines, food & French heritage in South Africa
Franschhoek, which simply means ‘French Quarter’ in Afrikaans, has become known as the food and wine capital of South Africa, with world-class restaurants and renowned vineyards sharing space amidst a beautiful natural landscape.
6 Interesting South African Wine Facts you may not know about… yet
Cape Town. Table Mountain. Safaris. Lush vegetation. Turquoise waters and blue skies. When we think of South Africa, most of us think of these words, but what about South African wine facts? How much do we really know about the wines of South Africa and its Winelands?
Creative cuisine in the gourmet capital of South Africa
South Africa’s famed wine town, Stellenbosch is one of the country’s premier food and wine attractions.
Premium vineyards of South Australia: The country’s wine capital
Although there are almost 2,500 wineries in the country, most premium Australian vineyards are clustered around the city of Adelaide in South Australia where many of the leading brands and best wines can be found
South African Wine Guide: Discover the Grapes
South African wine may not be able to claim the same history as its Old World counterparts, but the country is steadily gaining an international reputation for producing some of the best valued red and white wines in the world.
Uncover the cooler side of South African wine
Although more famous for its robust rich reds from homegrown Pinotage or Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon and ripe whites from Chenin Blanc, South Africa’s, Cape Town vineyards are increasingly demonstrating their ability to produce elegant, cool-climate wines to rival those from more typical cool-climate regions around the globe.
Taste South America’s finest Cabernet Sauvignon: Santiago
The Chile capital of Santiago is within reaching distance of some of the country’s most renowned wine regions, nestled between the Andean and Coastal Cordillera where the finest New World Cabernet Sauvignon varietals can be found
South Australia: Where quality can compete with quantity
Since more than half of all Australia’s wine is produced here, South Australia is the country’s most influential viticulture state – with a vast diversity in geography and climate creating an equally eclectic range of wines from cool climate Riesling to signature Shiraz.
Stellenbosch: Taste the fine wines of South Africa
Settled on the banks of the Eerste River amid a wilderness landscape fringed by glorious mountains lies Stellenbosch, South Africa’s leading wine region in the Cape Winelands.
South Africa
Read insightful articles on everything wine, dine, spirits and travel in South Africa
Wineries lining the South Island: NZ
While most of New Zealand’s wineries are scattered across the North Island, its southern sibling can claim itself as the most renowned wine region in the country, with many artisan vineyards, handcrafting unique wine styles with an emphasis on organic and biodynamic practices.
South Africa: the Winelands Routes
The wine routes of South Africa are incredibly unique. With sprawling vineyards opening into the wilderness to wine houses built in a European fashion, winelands tours promise to unveil the history, culture and prolific wine-making techniques of South Africa.
South Australia is a must travel destination for Shiraz lovers!
Since South Australia is largely responsible for putting the country on the international wine map by way of the red wines to come from the renowned Barossa Valley, which are often regarded as Australia’s most recognisable wines.

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