Luxury Holidays in France

France as a destination is as indulgent as it gets. Home to romantic cities, yacht-covered coastlines, and wine and food regions stretching from north to south, there’s opulence and style around every corner. Whether you want to enjoy the sumptuous surroundings of a French château or 5* hotel with a spa, our hand-picked accommodation can create luxury France holidays for every type of traveller. Fans of gastronomy will find something unique in every region. Wine enthusiasts will discover the best varieties in the world. Culture-seekers will stumble upon exclusive art collections and divine French opera.

Although a major draw, Luxury France holidays are much more than just wine. It’s about everything else that goes with it. Make your wine tasting journey an unforgettable one in Europe’s most cultured country.


Where to Visit in France

Paris isn’t the only city to find elegance and romance. Just an hour and a half away is Reims, a city with architecture as fine as the capital and also the capital of champagne. The towering Cathédrale Notre-Dame and 17th Century Palais du Tau are examples of how striking the Reims skyline is. As is the Basilique Saint-Remi, a medieval church that is a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the Champagne region, visitors will also get to taste premium sparkling wine at its very source.

Two hours south of Paris is the fertile Loire Valley, where over 300 châteaux serve as your holiday backdrop. If you love fairytale castles, this is the place to begin your quest for adventure. Or venture further south to the Cognac region, home to the most famous French brandy in the world. The area is brimming with ancient history and quaint cobbled streets.

Just below Cognac, serious foodies can enjoy a luxury tour of Bordeaux. Wine and dine at Michelin-starred restaurants, enjoy an expert cooking class, or stroll through the bustling food markets for inspiration. Or if it’s art and culture that move you, the nearby UNESCO village of Saint Émilion is a must.

When to Go in France

France is wonderful at any time of year because there’s always something to do. For the best weather, May to October is ideal. But a French winter is incredibly charming also. City sightseeing is excellent year-round, while the shoulder season means beating the crowds.

A sweet-spot for the beaches of Corsica, Languedoc or further up to the Côte d'Azur is around mid-September when there are fewer holidaymakers around. The weather is still lovely, sea temperatures still warm, and many still enjoy beachfront walks up until October.

Wine-tasting trips are most scenic in springtime. From March onwards, you can expect lush greenery and vineyards looking their most verdant. However, some prefer to travel in May and June when there are fewer tourists to contend with. The peak season will be in full swing in the summer, so bear that in mind if you want to avoid the summer holiday rush. September and October is harvest time so these months can also be busy, but the weather will be nice and mild. In January and February, vineyards are rather atmospheric, and winemakers have more time to spend with their guests.

For connoisseurs interested in First Growth tastings, it’s advised to book your trip well in advance. For ecotourism in France, we recommend planning seasons ahead as last-minute tours or winery hotel bookings are rarely available in this highly-coveted corner of the wine world.

Wine in France

When it comes designing the perfect luxury break in France with wine tours, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The wine-making regions are extensive and the wineries are award-winning.

Birthplace to everyone’s favourite fizzy variety is the Champagne region, and renowned for Germanic grape varieties like Gewurztraminer and Riesling is the culturally-unique Alsace. While further south, there’s the well-known region of Bordeaux, home to over 6,000 wine-making châteaux and famous Grands Crus Classés (Great Classified Growths). The reds here are often considered to be quintessentially French, medium to full-bodied and with aromas of blackcurrant, plum and a charismatic earthiness.

We also organize luxury wine breaks to the Loire Valley, Burgundy, Provence or the Languedoc-Roussillon region in the far south, and the island of Corsica.

At Wine Paths, we curate the best wine tours and tastings France has to offer. Whether you want a ready-made travel package designed by our travel experts, or you prefer to create your own, we’re here to help you create magical holiday memories.

Where to Stay in France

Some of the best places to stay during our luxury France holidays include stunning châteaux hotels and 5-star wine estates as well as private villas, renovated upmarket farmhouses, and high-end golf and spa resorts that are ideal for honeymoons or family escapes.

Our France accommodation has been hand-selected by us to ensure that you have everything you could need during your stay – and more. Lavishly appointed rooms and bathrooms come as standard in all of our properties. Many have views overlooking vineyards, and some of them boast world-class gastronomy with Michelin-starred restaurants and seasonal menus.

Places to Eat and Drink in France

It comes as no surprise that Burgundy is so popular with diners when two of the country’s iconic dishes – boeuf bourguignon and coq au vin – hail from there. Combined with the fact that the region has the most appellations in France, foodie travellers are in for a trip filled with perfect pairings. Burgundy is also home to the city of Dijon, where the traditional mustard is made and where food markets are a huge attraction.

Burgundian food and drink certainly hold the crown, but other great food regions are Normandy for its rich cheeses, Champagne for its famous pork sausage, Aquitaine for exquisite foie gras, Alsace for unique plates inspired by neighbouring Germany, and Provence for authentic French aioli. These are all fantastic wine-making regions too, and any good restaurant will hold an impressive wine selection.

Hotel restaurants, fine-dining restaurants and Michelin-starred restaurants will have a sommelier or wine steward to help you pair with your food. But finding a small local gem that’s not on the tourist map can also be an unforgettable dining experience. Although wine stewards are not on hand, restaurant owners tend to know a lot about food and wine – so just ask if you’re unsure.

Looking for recommendations? For the best wine cellar, try Le Relais Bernard Loiseau in Burgundy which holds over 15,000 bottles and 900 labels. For a place that feels off the beaten path, try La Table de Plaisance in the UNESCO village of Saint Émilion. Or for modern Michelin-starred cuisine, book a table at Restaurant Pierre Gagnaire La Grande Maison.


Wine Paths aims to help gastronomy fans build their dream holiday. Create your tailor-made trip with us today. Find out more from our local travel expert.

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