The Best Wineries in France

Wine tasting holidays in France never disappoint. French wineries are on a category of their own: they are not your usual winery, as for the most part… they are châteaux, literally wine-making castles. Some of them still look like they did hundreds of years ago: imposing citadels with turrets surrounded by gardens and vineyards. Others have been modernized and their cellars and façades have undergone makeovers by renowned designers: a few have even become staples on architectural tours in their regions. Whether historical or state-of-the-art, most French wine estates have one thing in common: visitors from all over the globe flock to visit them each year to marvel at their beauty and taste their wines.

Wineries Suggestions in France

Wine tourism in the French vineyards

In the past few years, wine tourism has grown significantly with millions of tourists now traveling to wine regions around the world to visit wine estates, learn about wine and of course, taste it. French vineyards are no exception.

France is a double key player on this trend: it already is the most visited country in the world and it is at the top of the wine tourism list with its famous châteaux, Grands Crus Classés and top wine estates known the world over.

Most wineries have stepped up their game to satisfy tourists and wine lovers alike and thanks to their innovative activities they help create unforgettable memories. Today, all around France, travelers can enjoy contemporary visitors’ centers, interactive guided tours, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences like taking part in the grape harvest or spending an afternoon with the estate’s winemaker himself, learning his craft.

Wine tourism has also boosted activities that complement the classic wine tastings and workshops at the property: nowadays, many French domains offer the possibility of overnight stays (who would pass on the chance of spending a night at a wine castle?), spa treatments onsite (to benefit from all the rejuvenating components found in grapes) and hosting wedding ceremonies among the vineyards. Their gastronomic approach has also evolved and it is now as refined as their wines: gourmet restaurants overlooking their vineyards and Michelin-starred chefs are the rule.

So why not spend your next weekend tasting the best French wines in some of the most picturesque vineyards of the world? French vineyards rank high up on the wine tourism list and each winery is a destination in itself. Exclusive wine tasting holidays in the best French wine estates and tours of their cellars and vineyards are the perfect activities for a wine holiday in France. Now it is your turn: take a pick and choose which one you will visit first.

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