Wine basics: a beginner's guide to wine tasting.

Exclusive wine experiences at La Cavale in Provence, France

From your nose to your palate, a comprehensive itinerary... learn how to stir, smell, taste... and guess!

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This workshop is meant for someone who wants to familiarize him/herself with the different steps of wine tasting. In a beautiful environment, comfortably seated and in good company, spend a wonderful time with our sommelier who will unveil the secrets of wine tasting to you. Look at the color of your wine, smell the bouquet, swirl your glass and finally sip the wine, become a real wine connaisseur. No need to be a wine snob to impress your friends! Learn how to describe the wine in your glass. Ask questions and do not hesitate to give your own personal impressions and remember there is no right nor wrong when it comes to your own personal taste.

Your experience starts with the sight: how does light reflect into the wine? What about viscosity? What does its aspect tell you of a wine?

The next step is the olfactive: among the many aromas a wine can offer, which ones can you actually smell in your glass? As a hint, you can start with the different families (fruits, flowers, earthiness, wood). Swirl your wine and smell again.

The last and final step will bring you a great satisfaction and confirm your first experiences. Our sommelier will draw your attention to the presence of tannins, alcohol and acidity. Does your tongue shrivel up? Does the wine make you salivate? Does it burn your throat? How does your wine finish? Does it linger on the palate? Do I still taste it after I exhale? What is the wine final say in my experience? There's no end to the questions that will turn you into a wine expert.

Quite importantly, try to decline the correspondances between the perfume on your nose and the savour in the back of your palate.

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